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Myself Rahul Gogoi. The founder of the Investtarget.

I am B.C.A student and a web enthusiast, who spend my most of time on my computer.

I am passionate about Investing. And I love to writing. That's why I started my blog.

Here at Investtarget.com , i write about Investment. I write about the beginner's guide of investing, how to invest money, investing ideas. For example how to invest money in the Stock market, Cryptocurrency etc. I also write about the Top stocks, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

My goal is to teach you to become a successful investor.

I am always ready to learn about Investment. During my free time, i love to read the self-finance books. I have much information about Investment.

Investment is the best way to increase wealth. But many people did not take advantage of this opportunity.

There are a lot of blogs out there already. But, In this blog, you will find the basics & unique facts about Investment. My information May help you more to invest your money.

If you interested to learn about Investment, then this blog will help you.

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