So, you want to become a successful trader. You want to jump in the trading field where you can make profit easily.


Did you prepare yourself before you trade your money?

Did you know about the basic trading strategies?

However, trading is not an easy thing. But it's still possible to make money from trading. 

Well, there is a lot of information out there. But, In this article, I will highlight you some important trading strategies which will help you to become the best trader.

how to become best trader
Best trader
I will highly recommend you to follow this important strategy before jump in the trading world. 

1. Start small-

If you are a newbie then I will highly recommend you to start your trading journey with a small amount of money. because trading is a highly risky platform. You will lose your money in minutes even seconds.

The benefits of starting small are that you will know the techniques of trading.
Almost every successful trader recommend you to start small in the beginning days. 

2. Make a plan-

Before investing your money, you should make a proper plan. you can write down your plan in your notebook or your personal computer.

You should know when and why you will invest your money. A proper plan helps you to achieve your targeted goals. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I noticed that most people invest without a proper plan and that is one of the biggest reason that people lost their money.

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3. use fundamental and technical analysis-

This two analysis is the most important part of trading.

Most people don't understand that what is fundamental and technical analysis.
people also believe that using this analysis is hard.

But, believe me, using this analysis is not too hard as we think. 2 to 6 month is enough time to learn it.

If you know someone who is an expert trader then ask him about both of this analysis and he will define you perfectly.

4. learn from your mistake-

Failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. It's all about your attitude and how you decide to respond to those failures on your road to success.

Don't worry if you do a lot of mistakes. forget the mistake but learn the lesson.

In your trading journey, you may definitely lose your money.   trading is not such of thing that you will always make money. it highly depends on your skill and experience.

Even you try it and if it does not work out, you still win. you had to courage to chase after your dreams. trying and failing will always be more valuable than never starting to begin with.

How to gain trading skill-

Most people want to know what is the secret of successful trading.

And the truth is that there is no secret rule of successful trading.  It depends on how much experience and smart person you are. you gotta train your mind to be stronger than your emotions.

Successful traders like Jesse Livermore, James Rogers, Steven Cohen are one of the most popular traders in the world. you should read their biography and trading strategy.

If you can put times into learned it, you can definitely make money from it. knowledge is the most important part of the financial world. more you learn more you earn.

Take the first step, You never know where it will lead you. Best of luck.