The stock market is also known as high volatility market.

You may hear somewhere that some people lost huge money when the market goes down.

Or you may hear daily news that today stock market goes down.

But why and when the stock price goes down?

Well, in this article we discuss that topic. Read this article carefully because it helps you in the stock market world.

when stock price goes down

When stock price goes down-

Any stock price will go down when that stock value goes down. If more people sell a particular stock then that stock price goes down.

suppose you bought a companies stock and that company would not succeed to grow their business, then you bought the wrong company stock.

If your chosen stock value goes down then you will lose your money. I noticed that people lose a heavy amount of money when the stock price goes down.

If you want to make profit through stock market then you must buy a profitable stock. profitable stock means demandable stock. a particular stock is more demandable when more people want to buy that stock.

However, nobody knows that when a particular stock goes down but there are some smart techniques available which help you to predict the right stock.

Here are the few steps that help to predict the valuable stock-

1.➧ Always updated yourself and HEAR to the business news-

A successful stock investor always updated himself. He knows that every business news is important. 

People may not interested to hear business news but if you want to become a successful investor then you must be updated yourself.

2.➧ Always try to learn something-

You should never stop to learn. Now, I am not talking about college education, I am talking about self-financed education. No matter how old you are, You should always try to learn something.

The stock market is a big field. There are many books available in the market.
Go and buy some good books and grow your knowledge.

3.➧ Use the fundamental and technical analysis-

Fundamental and technical analysis helps us to determine the value of a particular stock.

All the expert stock investors know that how important is to use both analysIs.
if you don't use that, then you are doing one of the big mistakes.

I would highly recommend you to use the technical and fundamental analysis before buying a stock.

last few lines-

Choose a profitable stock is always difficult for a stock investor. But some smart investors do it properly. They do it properly because they are expert in this field. They have a great experience.

Stock market is high volatility. It always ups and down. 

Note-  This information is only for educational purpose. we are not a financial advisor.