Domain investing business is the most profitable business since when the internet started.

Some people make millions of dollars from selling a single domain name.

But, Is domain selling business still profitable in 2019?

How can you make money through investing in domain names?

Well in this article, I will explain to you some useful facts about how to make a profit through domain investing.

invest domain name

Before we discuss domain investing business, Let's know about some quick Information about the domain name.

What is domain name-

A domain name is a True identity of a particular website or company.

A domain name is worldwide. That means anyone can see you on the internet.

If you want to make a website or if you want to show your business on the internet then must buy a domain name first. For example
It's impossible to make a website without a domain name.

How to buy a domain name-

Maybe you don't know about the buying process of domain names and you think that you are not an expert in the tech world.

Don't worry!

The process of buying names is too easy. It is the same process as other online shops.

There are many trusted domain selling company available. 

Important note: before you buy any domain name, I will highly recommend you to research about the background of that company. Some untrusted company promises you to give your domain name but they will never do that and they will steal your money.

I will recommend you to use these Trusted company-

1. godaddy

2. Namecheap

3. Bluehost

4. Hostgator


You can buy your domain only for a limited time. There are many packages available. For example- one year to five years.
When your domain name will expire then you are not an owner of that domain.

How to make money from invest in domain name-

Some people will pay you millions of dollars if they want that domain urgent enough. 

But the truth is that not your every domain will sell out. Or you may never achieve your wantable price.

I noticed that only valuable domain names sell out immediately. 

Only One word or two words latter domains are the more possibilities to sell out at a higher price. But all of those domain names are already booking. You will hardly find some one-word domain names.

If you want to make money with domain investing business then you must buy commonly use domain names. try to find some names which will be demand in future. or try to find some new build company who would not register that domain name yet.

Finding the expired domain is another option for you. Some people buy domain names and some reason they forget to renew that name.

How to sell your domain name-

There are various types of company available who will help you to sold-out your domain name. or you can list your domain at auction to find your targeted customer. Here are the top company where most of the buyers came to buy.

1. flippa

3. sedo

You can also contact the domain brokers who will help you. They will take some charges from you.

Is domain name investing is profitable?

Invest in domain names is the definitely good idea. But it depends on various factors.

If you check on the GoDaddy domain value appraisal tool and find the estimated price of then you will find that that the estimated value of this domain is $1,615. You can check any domain names estimated price on this tool.

The famous company Facebook buy his domain name in $8.5 million.
Not only this domain But You will also find many domains who sell out in millions of dollars. for example-

1. -$7 million

2. - $5.8 million

3. - $7.5 million

4. - $11 million

5. - $30.18 million  etc.

They are sold out a million dollars simply because the buyer wants that name for much important work.

Another important fact is that buyers want only the dot com(.com) domain. No one is interested to buy your .net, .tk, .org etc.

Should you invest in domain names-

If you think that you can do this business then go and buy some premium domain names.

If your domain is not brandable or your domain name does not sound like crazy then no one came to buy your domain. For example-

People would not like to buy useless domain names.

Best of luck!

I hope, you learned the basic information about domain investing process.
If you have any doubt, contact me and share the article on social media.