I noticed that most people think investing and trading is the same.

Investing and trading might look like the same But there is a big difference between both of them. They are a completely different process.

In this article, we will discuss about the main difference between investing and trading.

What is Investing-


Investing is simply defined as Invest your money at any particular platform that gives that profit. Investment is the greatest way to becoming a wealthy person.

The popular types of investment platforms are- Stock market, Real states, Bonds, Funds etc. 

Some types of investments are highly risky because there is no guarantee that you will make money from them. for example stock market.

basically, investment are two types- 1.short term 2. long term

Some people invest money to buy a dream in future. While some other invest money to buy a house, retirement etc. some short term investors love to invest in the stock market. because they make a higher profit from it.

What is trading-


you may hear anywhere that investment is risky. But the truth is that trading is riskier as compared to investing.

Trading is like short term investing.

trading is for those people, who have a good knowledge of investing. To become a successful trader you must know the technical and fundamental analysis.

There is no paperwork involved. Nowadays anyone can do trading who have a laptop and internet connection.

You can trade in both stock market and cryptocurrencies. There are various types of trading platform available.

If you are new investor then I will highly recommend you that never jump in the trading world.

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Which is the best for making money?

This is the most commonly asked question. And the answer depends on various factor

Trading is the short term investing where people can make money or lose money too quickly. and trading is the best platform to make quick money.

I noticed that most people make awesome profit through day trading.

Investing is a system where you can make money in a slow process. But it is more secure as compared to investing.

Which is the best for you-

The first thing that we are not a financial advisor. We give information only for educational purpose.

If you do all of those things that you love and work hard to achieve your goal then you can definitely succeed in your life.

Investing and trading both are riskier. You must take the risk to make a higher profit from out of it.

I will recommend you that never start trading if you don't have any knowledge about it.

last few lines-

I hope you learn the basic difference between investing and trading.

If you have any doubt, Give a comment below.