You may know that the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin price falling down too much in the year 2018.

I noticed that Most people lost their money with bitcoin in 2018. That's why most people scared to buy bitcoin in 2019.

My friend Daniel buy a bitcoin in March 2018. And he is waiting to sell his bitcoin with a profit since that month. 

Before invest bitcoin, you should know that what is bitcoin and how it works.


What is bitcoin-

Bitcoin is like a new way of the transaction system. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency which was made through Blockchain technology. Bitcoin is a radically new kind of money that operates without governments or banks. I am sure that you came to this article that means you know about bitcoin perfectly. Check this article if you want to make a profit with bitcoin-

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I noticed that most people start using bitcoin these days. Most of the online and offline business accept bitcoin. It seems like bitcoin future is too bright. 

Twitter CEO says bitcoin will become worlds single currency within a decade.

Most people also asked that is bitcoin legal? and if you want to know about the legality of bitcoin, then I will recommend you to read this article-

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Is bitcoin rise in 2019-

2017 is the year when bitcoin price grows like a skyrocket. Most people make a big profit with bitcoin in 2017. 

But, Your question is that will bitcoin rise again in 2019? And this is the most trending question these days.


The answer is that Nobody know anything about the future of bitcoin. Even any successful investor or any website/company did not know about the future of bitcoin.

when bitcoin rise?

Bitcoin price will grow if and only when more people buy bitcoin. Bitcoin price changed too quickly. 

But it looks like cryptocurrency is future of finance. many countries now start to accept the cryptocurrency transaction. That's why I believe that bitcoin price will rise in 2019. Most Investor and Entrepreneurs says that after 10 years bitcoin will be the future of internet transaction. Bitcoin is slowly attracting users. A recent study found that NASA looks to block-chain for air traffic management. 

Some financial advisor may advise you that never buy a bitcoin due to the high volatility. But If you believe in yourself and you know about your risk profile then you can touch with the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin average daily growth rate is 0.52126 since 2009. Using this as a base, the average price rate of per coin in 2021 will be around 5,681,300 USD.

last few lines-

If you purchase bitcoin already and wait for the looking to sell your bitcoin with profit Then I would like to request you to keep holding your bitcoin for a few months.

Bitcoin price may be go higher in future. Don't lose your hope because patience is most important to become a successful investor.

Note- We give information only for educational purpose. We are not a financial advisor.