Marijuana stocks are the most popular and profitable stocks these days.

Most of the Americans love to invest in marijuana stocks.

When the word "marijuana" comes then one question comes to our mind that is it legal or illegal. 


Marijuana is legal in many countries. For example- U.S, Canada, Germany etc.
A recent study found that Canada is the largest marijuana producers in the world.

Here are the top 3 marijuana/cannabis stocks which was best for 2019-

1. Cronos Group-

The Cronos group (CRON) is the most popular company in the world. They are the most valuable international cannabis community.

The headquarter of Cronos situated in Toronto. And the company was build in 2013. which have 100 to 200 employees.

Cronos group is a globally diversified and vertically integrated cannabis company.

The company operates two Canadian licensed for medical purpose regulation-
1. Peace natural project  2. Original BC Ltd.

2. Aurora cannabis-

Aurora is a cannabis producer company which was situated in Canada. 

The founders of cannabis stocks are Terry Booth, Steve Dobler, Chris Mayerson, Dale Lesack. The company receive it's own licence in 2014.

I noticed that Most investors love to invest in aurora stocks.

This company is the second largest cannabis company in the world. Who produce 500000 K.G cannabis per year.

In 2017 Aurora receive a licence from health Canada to sell cannabis oil. The market value of Aurora cannabis in 2018 is C$4.5 billion.

3. Auxly -

This company is the another best cannabis stocks to invest for 2019.

This company have diverse international operations. this company uses royalty streaming business.

This company have 16 upstream partners who grow cannabis. Auxly produces  160000 K.G cannabis per year.

Auxly is the growing stock since few months. 


should you buy cannabis stock-

Yes! It's a good idea to invest in marijuana stocks. It seems like marijuana stocks are the most growth stocks. 

But, Before invest your money anywhere make sure you understand the business.