Hey everyone,

Maybe you heard anywhere about Robinhood crypto exchange.

And you want to know some basic knowledge about the popular exchange Robinhood.

In this article, I will explain some useful information about Robinhood.

robinhood crypto exchange

Who is Robinhood exchange-

Robinhood crypto exchange is a US-based financial company. Baiju bhat is a current CEO of This exchange.

In 2013 Robinhood build to invest and trade in the stock market. And in 2018 Robinhood make an app where you can also buy and trade cryptocurrencies. for example bitcoinethereum etc.

How to use Robinhood-

Using Robinhood exchange is too easy. And anyone can use this exchange.

At first, connect your bank account with Robinhood. It will take a few times to verify. And after verifying you can easily trade with Robinhood. Some kind of personal information required to activate your account. 

The best thing about Robinhood exchange is that You can trade in this exchange with low transaction fees. 

If you have a very decent amount of money then using Robinhood is the best option for you. Robinhood allows you to buy single cent of cryptocurrency.

Is Robinhood secure?

Using Robinhood is definitely safe and secure. This is a trusted company which is situated in US, California.

You can trade stocks and cryptocurrencies through this exchange.

Robinhood crypto exchange got 1 million sign up in the first 4 months. and that is the sign that people trust at this exchange.

Last few lines-

Now a days you can find various cryptocurrency exchanges. 

If you are a cryptocurrency investor then I will highly recommend you to select your company carefully.

Some fraud company will steal your money from you. So, be careful before selecting your company. 

Note- we are not a financial advisor. We give information only for educational purpose.