2018 is the great year for stock market and now when it comes to the new year, Some investors start to finding the best stocks for 2019.

Imagine You have $1000 in your account and you make $13,000 in just six month.
It's sound pretty ?

Well, It's possible when you invest stock market properly.

Stock profits are simply the outcome of your focus, energy and time. You should always focus on the market to make money from them.

Invest in those company's which you understand. In this article you will find the top 3 famous and trusted company's stock which are the best option to invest for 2019. No doubt, These company's has consistent growth from the past years.

1. Amazon

top 3 stocks to invest in 2019

You may already know that Amazon is the most fastest growing company in the world.

This company was situated in California, U.S.

The founder of amazon is Jeff Bezus. Who is  the 1st richest man in the world.

Amazon crossed $1 trillion market capitalization. Apple is the first U.S company who crossed $1 trillion and amazon become the second U.S company who join the $1 trillion club.

Amazon services continues to be the most profitable piece of company in the world.

Amazon is the best blue chip stocks that you could invest in.

If you invest for long term or even short term, Amazon is the best company to invest.

2. Tesla

top 3 stocks to invest in 2019

The electric car company Tesla is the another growing company in the world. In 2008 Tesla released their first car.

The CEO of Tesla  is Elon Mask who is the most famous Entreprenour in the world.

It seems like Tesla is the future of vehicles in the world. Electric cars already exist independently.

Tesla has supplied over 83,500 vehicles during the third quarter of 2017.

2019 is the best time to buy Tesla stocks. You may make good profit with this company.

Tesla stocks went sky rocket in the past couple of month.

3. Johnson & Johnson

top 3 stock to invest in 2019

Johnson & Johnson is the most popular company in the world. which have 134,000 employees. This company provides skin care, baby care etc. products.

This company was founded Robert wood Johnson, Edward mead Johnson and James wood Johnson  in 1886, united states.

It is most common stock and most investors love to buy the stock all the time.

The market cap of this company was US$367 billion in 2018. Which was huge.

So, This company's stock is the best option to invest for 2019.

NOTE- If you want to know more about these COMPANY then visit their website.

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last few lines-

Before you invest in any company, you need  to do a little research about their business.

You don't need to take huge decision. Your first stock should be a company that you love. You feel more wonder when you watching grow that company.

If you are a new investor in the stock market world then i will recommend you to invest in large market cap company.

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