These days cryptocurrency become more popular.

And the users of cryptocurrencies increasing day by day.

It seems like cryptocurrency is the trending investment platform. I also believe that cryptocurrency will be more popular in future.

is cryptocurency future of finance

Most people believe that cryptocurrency is the best platform to invest money. But most of the people also believe that cryptocurrency is a bubble.

It's true that cryptocurrency investment is risky. Because they are volatile.

Cryptocurrencies have both advantages and disadvantages.

How cryptocurrency helps in finance-

The cryptocurrency is made by block-chain technology. And the Block-chain technology growing to be more demand.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. But some county like China completely banned bitcoin. they would not like to use bitcoin in their country.

But some country loves the bitcoin transaction. Top company's like Amazon, Microsoft accept the bitcoin. countries like Us, Japan accept the bitcoin transaction.

Even you can bitcoin ATM machine in many palaces like Australia, Canada etc.  The number of ATM around the world has reached 4000.

Here are the few ways that how cryptocurrency helps the finance system-

1.Fast transaction-

The transaction speed of cryptocurrencies too fast. Your bank transaction may take hours or even days. But cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum take just a few minutes. And this the biggest advantages in finance.

2. no third party-

In stock market, You can't buy a share without a broker. In cryptocurrency market, there are no middle man or third party involve between your transaction.

3. no paperwork-

Another big advantage of cryptocurrency is that there is no paperwork involved in your transaction. The transaction of cryptocurrency is totally depend on online.

You can send or receive your bitcoin your country to another country with your mobile or computer.

4. low transaction price-

The transaction fees of cryptocurrencies are too cheaper. And that is the big reason that most investors attract with the cryptocurrency.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says he expects banks to start holding the crypto asset on behalf of their customers in 2019.

Cryptocurrency's like bitcoin is able to provide the economic values and benefits.

But you should always remember that cryptocurrency is not like a stock market. Because there are no P/E ratio or Debt ratio to analyse the market.

The total value of all cryptocurrency hit $800 billion within 12 months. which was a huge market.

In the finance world, every investment is risky. Especially the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency may future of finance If all countries government accept the system of cryptocurrency.