Now a days most people want to know that using bitcoin is legal or illegal. In this article you will find that answers.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which was made by block-chain technology. Bitcoin is the new online transaction in the internet world.

is bitcoin legal

I noticed that most people are interested to invest money in bitcoin Because bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in these days. People make money with bitcoin too quickly.

But most people scared to buy bitcoin.because they don't know that bitcoin is legal or illegal.

Make money through investing in bitcoin is legal but, it depends on which country you belong. Some country accept the bitcoin. But some country won't accept bitcoin.

Here are the country , who says bitcoin is legal and accept it. You can buy bitcoin if you belong these country.

➧ United states

➧ Japan

➧ Australia

➧ Canada

➧ Hong Kong

➧ Germany

➧ Singapore  etc.

And, Here are the some country, who says bitcoin is illegal in their country. If you belong these country then you can't buy bitcoin.

➧ China

➧ Bangladesh

➧ Russia

➧ Bolivia

➧ Nepal

Bitcoin transaction is completely anonymous. No personal information required to buy bitcoin. no government or any third party involve between your transaction. if someone stole your money from your bank account then you can complaint to your bank or government. but if someone stole your bitcoin from you then you can't complaint anyone.

bitcoin Investment is risky. In the internet world some hackers always trying to stole bitcoin from another person.

most terrorist use bitcoin for illegal works. for example weapons, drugs etc. That's why most countries government would not like the bitcoin transaction.

If you want to invest money in bitcoin and  make some money with legal ways and if your country accept bitcoin, then you can definitely use bitcoin.

I hope you learn the legality of bitcoin with this short article.If you have any doubt, Give a comment below.

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