how to invest ripple to make money

These days cryptocurrency is the hottest topic in the world.most people want to make money through investing in cryptocurrency.

Ripple is the 3rd famous cryptocurrency in the market cap. And ripple is the another best coin to make money.

what is ripple-

The ripple was founded Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen in  2012.The ripple company is situated in California, United states.

This cryptocurrency is different from another currency like bitcoin and ethereum. Because they are made through Blockchain technology. but, ripple does not made by blockchain.

The main purpose to make ripple is that to solve the problem transfer money between two countries. Banks use ripple to transfer money to another country.

Another cryptocurrencies take minutes to transfer. But i noticed that ripple take just 5 seconds to transfer. Their transaction speed is too fast.

Ripple connects banks and payment providers through ripple-net and provide the experience for sending and receiving money.

how to invest ripple-

To buy ripple you need to open a account with an exchange or website and a wallet to stored your ripple.

You can buy ripple also through your debit/credit card.

Here are the few popular ripple exchanges-

Note- You may find many exchanges out there.But these exchanges are famous and trusted in the world. You can buy ripple directly if your country accept these exchanges.

2.  Coinbase

3. Bitfinex

4.  Kraken

5.  Shapeshift

And here are the top ripple wallets,you need to choose-

1. Ledger-nano-s

2. Coinpayments

3. Exarpy

should you invest in ripple-

I noticed that ripple is more secure then other cryptocurrencies.

Banks would not like the other cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ethereum.


Many banks accepted ripple in these days. for example- yes bank, axis bank etc.

The market cap of ripple is $11.94. And at the end of 2017 the ripple increased 4300 %.

If you want to invest in ripple then that is a good choice. But before invest money in ripple, you should know that cryptocurrency is volatile.That's why there is highly risk involve.

To make money through ripple you need to take proper research and smart decision.

last few words-

You will lost your money if you don't know what you are doing. I will highly recommend you that educate yourself before invest money in cryptocurrency.

You must take risk to become a successful cryptocurrency investor.

Cryptocurrencies past performance would not decide future performance.

I hope you learned the basic knowledge of ripple. If you have any doubt, Give a comment below. And share this article on social media.