You must know the technical analysis to become a highly successful Stock market investor.

Technical analysis is the most important part in the stock market world.

I noticed that most people did not understand the technical analysis. they think that its too hard and it is only for expert investors.

But, I believe that using technical analysis is not too hard.

In this article i will highlight you some basics facts about technical analysis.

technical analysis in stock market

what is technical analysis-

The technical analysis is the chart pattern which show the price movement of a stock.It is the graphical analysis of a historic data.

Technical analysis helps people to know the future performance of a particular stock. It also helps to know the market direction.most investors believe that past and current performance is the most reliable indicator of future price action.

Technical analysis not only use for stock market. It's also for commodities, futures etc. TA is mainly based on current demand-supply.

how to use technical analysis-

Technical analysis graphs are mathematical calculation which is based on their time and price. You can use technical analysis both sort term and long term investment.

Technical analysis also use to look the relationship between price indicators and market indicators.

There are different type of analysis. for example candlestick, line chart, tick chart etc. most investors like to use the candlestick. But , it does not matter which pattern you choose.

Technical analysis looks like more easier but to predict the future action is more harder.

Technicians make use of high and low prices to analyze the price of a stock.

Moving averages and most other technical indicators are mainly focused on determine the market direction.

If you understand the technical indicators then there is a high chance that you will master in the stock market.

last few words-

Using the technical analysis before buy a stock from the market is a always beneficial. I also recommend you to use the technical analysis before buying a stock.

You should also remember that past performance can't guarantee the future performance.Because stock market is the high volatility.

Understand the technical analysis is the great skill. And to become a successful stock market investor you must know this skill.

I hope you learned the basics of technical analysis. IF you have any doubt or question, Give a comment below.