Now a days most people facing a big problem that they don't know how to buy a bitcoin. You may also heard anywhere about bitcoin but you don't know how to buy it.

Most people also ask that is it possible to buy a bitcoin with Paypal ?

Well, The answer is that It's possible to buy bitcoin with paypal in 2019. I noticed that most people buy bitcoin with Paypal. If you are a newbie then you may facing some problem. But, believe me it's not too hard.

In this article I will teach you that how to buy bitcoin through Paypal. So read this article carefully.

What is Paypal-

Paypal is a american company, who provides Online payment system.

It's corporate headquarters situated in San Jose, California.

The transaction system of paypal is world wide. Any can use paypal. And it's too easy to use.

How to buy bitcoin-

Remember that you can't directly buy bitcoin through Paypal. But don't worry.
Some exchanges give you an opportunity to buy bitcoin with Paypal.

Here are the 2 famous exchanges-

1. virwox

Virwox is a popular exchange who allows you to buy bitcoin with Paypal. Using virwox is not so difficult. This is the trusted COMPANY in the world. Here are the few easy steps to use virwox-

1. Go to the virwox official website and Register your account.

2. Deposit your money through paypal or credit/debit card.

3. Buy your sll (second life linden) through paypal.

4. Congratulation. Now you can buy your bitcoin with paypal.

Most people asked that is virwox works ? and the answer is yes. It's look like using virwox is little-bit hard. But, once you understand it then you can easily use virwox.

2. etoro

Etoro is the financial service company and This is the another best platform to buy bitcoin through paypal. Etoro is easy to use and it takes very low transaction fees.Some kind of personal information required to register in etoro.

With the help of etoro you can easily trade bitcoin on your mobile and desktop.
You can also trade ethereum, ripple with this company.

But. You can use Etoro only for buying bitcoin. You can't sell or  send your bitcoin to anyone through Etoro.

Should you buy bitcoin with paypal-

It's definitely good idea to buy bitcoin with paypal. because paypal is the most trusted company in the world.

The transaction fees of buying bitcoin with paypal is $0.30 which is not too huge.

You may find other exchanges but there are many fraud company available in the market. That's why i will highly recommend you that choose your exchange carefully.

Note- This information is only for educational purpose.

Thanks for read this article. If you want to invest your money then keep read ❤