what is trading account

Did You interested in stock market ?

Did You want to know about the trading account?


You must know what is trading account before invest your money in the stock market. Without a trading account, you can't buy or sell the share.

Opening your trading account is the first step to enter the stock market.

Don't worry, opening a trading account is not too hard. If you want to know about the trading account, you come to the right place.

I noticed that many people do not understand the meaning of demat and trading account. 

In this article, you will find some useful information about the trading account. And also find how to open a Trading account.

what is trading account-

Trading account is the online platform where you can buy and sell the shares.
Through trading account, you can trade in the stock market.

You can't directly buy the shares from the exchange. That's why You must register your own trading account.

Trading account helps people to connect with the stock exchange.

When you buy a share from your trading account through your linked bank account then the share will be transferred to your demat account.

Once you transfer your money through your bank account to trading account then you can easily buy a share from the stock market.

How to open a trading account.

You can open your trading account through your smartphone or computer.

Each trading account comes with a unique id.

Your full name, E-mail address, street address, Your annual/monthly income, pan card etc are necessary to open your trading account.

Here are the few steps how you open your trading account-

step 1.

Select your broker first. You may find different brokers. But, select your broker carefully. Try to collect more information about the broker. Also, research their brokerage rates. Because each broker charges different fees.

Brokers are the middle man between you and the stock market. They have their own license.

Step 2.

Connect with the broker. And talk about the account opening process. If you have any question or doubt then ask them. They will teach you.

To opening your trading account they will give you a form which name is KYC form.

Step 3.

Fill up the KYC form carefully. And submit them.

Step 4.

When they receive your form, They will contact with you. And after the verification, they will give your trading account.

Congratulation, Now you can trade in the stock market.

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