Investing is the best way to grow your wealthA smart investment can give you more money even while you sleep. Anyone can invest money and grow their wealth. To be a successful investor you don't need to be a high IQ person or heavy financial skills. But you need to take awesome decisions and the ability to keep emotions.

Always remember that  Perfect Investment is not a  quick rich scheme. Patience is most important to be a successful investor.

There are many ways you can invest your money. Some of are risky and some of are not.

Many people think that Investing is too hard. But that is not true. Believe it or not, investing is not too hard as we think. It all depends on your mindset.

Highly Successful Investors are smart worker,  not a hard worker.

If you interested to invest your money for best return then this article will help you. In this article, you will find the top investment platform to invest your money.                                

smart investment tips for best return

Did you know some investors make a huge amount of profit with the help of investing?

But how they did it ??

They are not an extraordinary person. They are normal person as same as with you. But , They know how to handle risk and how to stay focused.

If they can do. You can also do.

There are 2 types of investment - Sort term and Long term. Before you invest your money  Ask yourself that which term you want? I recommend you to choose the long term. Even a highly successful investor also recommend you to long term.
There is a big difference between investing and saving. You can't increase your wealth with the help of saving. If you interested to invest your money then you come to the right place.

Here are my 6 Ultimate Investment tips for the best return.

1.Stock Market -

The stock market is the platform where shares are bought and sold. And it is one of the best ways to invest money. You can make a huge profit from the stock market in less time.

The best thing is that You can start investing in the stock market with a low amount of money.

Did you know the successful stock market investor Warren Buffett (4th richest man in the world)? He is also known as the king of the Stock market. If you want to be a successful stock marketer then you should follow his rules.

When you buy a stock then you will own a small amount of portfolio of that company you bought. Stock market is the High risk & High return platform.

If you are interested to invest money in stock market then I will suggest you learn the basics first. Because stock market is the High-risk platform. If you come to stock market without any knowledge then it will be dangerous for you.

2.Bonds -

It is another best platform to invest your money. Bonds actually low-risk investment. If you don't want to take any type of high risk then bonds are best for you. The bond is the largest securities market.

Bond is a fixed income and a long term investment. And they have a defined term of maturity. The different types of bonds are-Saving bonds, Municipal bonds, commercial
bonds etc.

When you invest in Bond. They promise to you that return the interest at regular intervals.

Different types of bonds offer different options. Find the best one and invest your money.

3.Cryptocurrency -

cryptocurrency is the new hottest investment these days. You may know, But Many people don't know that what is Cryptocurrency and how to invest in them. But there is a lot of risks to investing money in cryptocurrency.

Did you hear anywhere about Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency. Which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009?

Cryptocurrency is a totally online investment. You can buy it online and sell it online. And it's too easy. You can store your cryptocurrency in your smartphone or computer.

The top cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc.

If you interested to invest money in cryptocurrency. Then i will suggest you, buy it for long term. For example 2 to 5 years.

4.Mutual funds -

A mutual fund is an investment place for regular investors who don't have much knowledge about investing. Mutual funds are operated by professional investors. And it is the most popular investment.

The advantages of mutual funds are that They provide a higher level of diversification and they provide liquidity.

Mutual funds can give you high returns with a calculated risk. A mutual fund may include investing in bonds, stocks, currencies etc.

You can invest in mutual funds directly and hire a service through an  Advisor. If you are new then i will suggest you to take the help of an Advisor.

Some common mutual funds are - Index funds, Fixed income mutual funds, Equity funds, Sector funds etc.

5.Real State-

Real state investment means buy land or buildings at a low price and sell at a high price. Anyone can do invest money in Real State because it is simple and easy to understand. 

There are different types of Real State investment. For example - Commercial retail,  Industrial, Mortgage lending etc. Rent income is another option for Real state investor.

But, To enter the Real state you need to have a lot of money in your bank account.

Some investors make a high amount of profit from Real state investment. And Real states
is the fastest growing sector in all over the world. Because the demand for free land and houses are increasing. 

6.Gold -

I am sure that you already know what is gold.  Even a small child is also know. But did you know there are various types of gold investment like gold deposit scheme, gold etf, gold bar  etc.

Gold is one of oldest and low-risk investment. The value of gold price increasing day by day. Many people like to invest in precious metals. And Gold is the best example of them.

You can't expect a high return from gold investment. But if you don't want to take any high risk.  Then invest your money in gold is the best option for you.

My Recommend 

Before you invest money in risky platform remember that "never invest your money that you can't afford to lose". And "never invest in something you don't understand".Investment is a great way to increase wealth. But not everyone do it properly.

I hope you like the information.  If you have any doubt & question then give me a comment below.

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Note-This information is only for educational purpose.